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My name is Maureen, but just about everyone calls me, Mo.  I’m so glad you stopped by.

This is the place I like to come and work through the stuff that fills my heart and soul.  I hope it can be that for you too.
Here at unrestrained I write about what it means to practice pressing in and knowing God.  Learning to allow His miraculous love to change and transform the heart doesn’t just happen, it’s a daily discipline. The heart of God is always for you, which is why he never let’s up in his pursuit for your heart. Jesus came to restore and open the door to abundant living.  Well, abundant life lives in the overflow God’s unrestrained love.



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I’ve learned some valuable truths over the years as I’ve followed God in the wild adventure of Pastoral Ministry with my husband and family.  Living fully alive requires deep trust and courage, because you can’t plan for life’s never-ending stream of surprises.  God invites us to come and know him, but sometimes it’s hard to figure that out.  


Unrestrained Home Page



I LOVE the LORD and I am passionate about pursuing His presence.  I have a profound sense of calling to help other’s find the way in.  I’ve spent my entire adult life leading worship, mentoring, and teaching Bible Study, but recently I unearthed this desire to write.  Unrestrained is literally the release of what the LORD has poured into me.  On the blog you will find stories of testimony, the journey, and lessons learned along the way, always pointing back to Daddy-God.  


Unrestrained Home Page




Here at unrestrained my goal is to simply lead you, encourage you, and help you find your way to the heart of God.  There are definitely necessary tools and equipment that help for such a journey, so I’ve built a free resource library to help. I hope you find these words and resources helpful as you pursue the heart of God.   













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